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 Trader, Fighter, Bounty Hunter...

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Trader, Fighter, Bounty Hunter... Empty
PostSubject: Trader, Fighter, Bounty Hunter...   Trader, Fighter, Bounty Hunter... Icon_minitimeTue Nov 11, 2008 2:32 pm

I was wondering what peoples opinions were of the different 'careers' possible?

What types of player does our alliance most need at present?

Just what are the types of 'career' ???? I've generally bought middling ships and done some monster hunting and some courier tasks for ranking, and traded within lazebe for money..

I'm kinda interested in trying something different like hacking or bounty hunting I dunno, I was mostly just wondering what the possibilities are?

Thanks for reading my drivel lol
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Stud Beefpile

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PostSubject: Re: Trader, Fighter, Bounty Hunter...   Trader, Fighter, Bounty Hunter... Icon_minitimeTue Nov 11, 2008 9:40 pm

It'd be nice to have a guru hacker, and ever nicer to have an echo hacker. Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Trader, Fighter, Bounty Hunter...   Trader, Fighter, Bounty Hunter... Icon_minitimeMon Nov 17, 2008 10:08 am

we already have a Guru Stu Wink
And well concerning the more exptic carrere paths,
There is always a demand for Guru Hackers, however hack training can be quiet boring after a while luckily you can combine hacking with almost every fighter carrere, so you can train your hack skills to 28,
( as you might die from time to time so its better to have a hack skill above 25)
and then start bounty hunting.
I have never been a bounty hunter (bountys collected 1 Sad )
so i cant give you alot of advice concerning this carrere, however i know some of the basics, to be a sucesfull bounty hunter, youshould have a Hawk class ship
(choose the chitin not the hawk due to the missile slots)
and Tac/Ha/man in the mid 60s.
As its quiet unlikely to defeat a fighter with man above 50 in 20 rounds, you also cooperate with someone else, in a stacked ambush its more likely that you will kill the target.
Getting access to Nooks is also recommended, as it gives you a safe retreat point and enables you to ambush offline.
Another important issue is, that bounty hunting will never make yoyu rich, its only for th pleasure of PVP combat.
If you want to try bounty hunting, you can contact me, and we can set an ambush or two Very Happy
(i use peashooters at the moment, so my weapons wont do much damage, but i have still got 2 Fleets from the last Sting operation pirat)
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No One

No One

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Trader, Fighter, Bounty Hunter... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Trader, Fighter, Bounty Hunter...   Trader, Fighter, Bounty Hunter... Icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 6:22 pm

I've played a couple different ways so I'll see if I can sum them up succinctly, let's see study

Trader: very few people plan on being just traders, but some do. everyone spends some time as a trader since in order to do anything really big it is unavoidable. A few things to remember about trading; the empire has the best trade ships, always have at least x3 conv armor on any ship better than a lanner mini, trading generates very little exp so you will have to do something else at one point (I was once stuck trading in a harrier for 2 months because I took on too many large projects).
There are many different types of traders so I'll make out some sub-categories:

__Building stocker: High RL time usage, low AP usage, high cr/AP but usually doesn't take many APs unless the sector is very well developed(like lazebe Very Happy ). Takes a low-med AP investment. Risk low (pirates can attack you while you trade to the buildings and they have lots of easy ambush spots but this only applies to high risk areas, mostly in the neutral zone, not lazebe Very Happy ) As a note there are a lot of player made tools which you will want to download to calculate maximum efficiency routes. This method is best when combined with others as you will likely have excess APs left over afterwards. Magscoop possible

__FWE runner: low RL time usage, basic, simple, decent profit, always needed. You all learn this in flight school, run a route between a class M planet and a SB. there are variations on this for other types of planets but you get the idea. Can take any AP investment. Risk very low (you move quickly through very few tiles over and over again, no dogfighting, minimal ambush chance) Notes, this is a great way to make friends as SB owners often get tired of upkeeping their SB and if you take on the task for them they will appreciate it. never use a magscoop

__Long Distance Trader: involves gems, body parts (bad, don't do it Evil or Very Mad ), and exports by request (see the trade forum). Low RL time usage, if done well decent cr/AP, if done badly low cr/AP. Maximum AP investment. Risk high (you have a lot of valuable goods on board and are traveling through a large quantity of neutral territory, if you have a bounty don't do it). Notes, not the best for profit unless you learn it well (and that can take time) and even then only slightly better than FWE, and be prepared to lose everything you were planning to sell.

Building owner: comes along with most any other career. Basically the only reasons not to have buildings are; A: you don't want to be hacked (you're union, you can't avoid it), B: you are waiting for a good opprotunity (ask a sector planner). There are three parts to running successful buildings: 1. and most important, how well is the surrounding area built (you can let others worry about this is you want) 2. pricing (there is a sector price list here so no worries) and 3. upgrading (Navaro has predetermined levels for all the buildings and helps supply the materials, huzzah Navaro cheers , no need to worry). But if you want to know the details...
Sector planning: this is an administrative position and everyone does it in their own way, there are a number of programs to help you but the main portion you'll be doing on your own. Always have some excess resources. Be prepared for shortages of anything and everything. You cannot plan a perfect sector (no imports, only exports) of any significant profit, accept it. work it out on your own and have fun Smile
Pricing: buy goods high= you get stocked, buy goods low= you save money, sell goods low= you sell stock, sell goods high= you make more money. pretty simple, specify for each sector. If you buy low you may not get stocked and you may miss ticks. If you sell high then the money you spent on the resources may be wasted an no one will buy (that does not mean I will buy them Wink ). It will tend to be that the higher your production level is, the more competitive you can make your prices.
Upgrading: simple and straightforward at start. need metal ore and energy, can be in either your ship or the commodity side of your building. At higher levels it gets tough as in order to upgrade production you have to upgrade capacity and that gets expensive (I've built several level 10 buildings Rolling Eyes ) If you want the high levels I recommend you wait for a large trading ship (BBB). and If you really want to cut corners on cash I've heard of people selling their drives and using their emergency drives to upgrade to maximize space (if you're going to upgrade it again you'll have to increase capacity anyways so don't bother, only for your final upgrade)
Defense: a final point I forgot about. Basically if you didn't have to use droids to build your defenses they don't exist. If you want your building to be permanent then put up defenses. 3 ADD will stop most NIP, Golem will keep the scruff out for sure and most medium level pirates but experienced pirates will still get through. Avenger is top of the line and a must for any high level building, only the best will bother against this (can still die). Extended repair bay should go into any defense system with more than 5 modules. Advanced tractor beam is only good if you aim to kill. Medium missle turret has a great missle but low skills and only functions as a quick and dirty fill in for other defenses in combination with better modules (golem or better). Seeker is cool but the golem is only slightly more expensive so go for that.

Fighter: again I'll break it into sub-categories. But you'll need a fighting ship (at least three skulls) and be prepared to spend a lot on equipment (should cost more than your ship) At least 40's skills unless you're suicidal (60's are better).

Bounty hunter: In my oppinion, this is like dipping your toes into the water to see if it's cold for piracy. YES IT'S COLD, in fact it's freezing, you will get frostbite and could possibly lose some limbs. What do you think the wooden leg and hook hand are from. so if you want to become a pirate you may as well go in all the way and get your hooks while they're cheap, if you haven't got the guts for it then stay out. very little money to be made and everyone who's anyone (big bounty) will probably be able to survive a 20 rounder, so you'll need help. reccomended 60's skills. profit: abysmal. risk: high.

NPC killer: a fighter who spends their entire time going about killing NPCs for ribbons, skills, whatever. can be hired to clear out high level critters but this is rare and usually requires a larg crew making for a very tiny profit and high risk of death.
reccomended skills: you choose. profit: none or nearly none. risk: how smart are you?

Faction fighter: Fun, people to help you, tactical, large scale, but overall great. Get some experienced faction fighter pilots to help you, join the OPs, have a good time, and when you die remember to laugh and keep on having fun. Reccomended skills: 60's (but even if you are in the 30's you can still have fun if you're smart. Profit: if you're any good you will lose money. Risk: if you're any good you will die.

Pirate: pirat let me just start off with the official stuff. Ahem, NO! Don't do it! Bad choice! Now unofficially. It can be lot's of fun and even rewarding, if you're smart. It is not for everyone. Let me say that again. It is NOT for everyone. some people will find it fun for about a week, then the deaths start coming and they want out, but they can't, they're caught in an endless cycle of death and despair, they say they're reformed but no one will belive them and they continue to die, until they retire and start over. That is some people. Others will find it immensely enjoyable and will have a great time. Basically if when everything goes wrong you can stand there and continue to smile and enjoy life, then you have what it takes to be a pirate. There will be times when you do nothing but die, live with it.
Reccomended skills: compatible attitude. Profit: how smart are you? Risk: deaths per week = 100/IQ
Others: the various miscallany.

Hacker: only worth your salt if you can guru hack, much more so if you can echo hack. spend a month's worth of APs hack training and you're set to go. can be a big profit, many will hate you. Your best mony is made on firewalls. The best of the best sit on a planet 24/7 and hack for skills and cash and have bounties over 100k, you can't and shouldn't compete. It can be a good side skill but as a main proffession it is boring.

Random Dude: He flys whatever ship he feels like. Does all the things above and more. He's Random Dude. Pretty much everyone's choice for the first little while. great variety, low commitment, try everything.

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PostSubject: Re: Trader, Fighter, Bounty Hunter...   Trader, Fighter, Bounty Hunter... Icon_minitime

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Trader, Fighter, Bounty Hunter...
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